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Compare Netzero to the Other ISPs

Netzero is a quality Internet Service Provider that offers reliable web access for less than half the cost of most of their competitors. Netzero offers a few different plans to choose from.

Their free Internet service limits you to 10 hours a month, and requires the user to allow placement of a banner advertisement on either the top or bottom of the computer screen.

With the Netzero Platinum Plan you get unlimited Internet access, along with a web-based email, a personal email account, virus protection and a popup blocker. There are no advertisement banners required with Netzero Platinum, but it does require a small bar at the top of your browser. This bar features a direct link to Netzero's homepage, as well as instant access to news, weather, sports; plus much more. You can get all this for less than $10 a month.

If you would like an Internet that moves a little faster than the traditional dial-up, Netzero HiSpeed lets you surf the Internet at up to five times faster with the use of a web accelerator. A web accelerator works by compressing files before they are downloaded to your computer, and this allows the sites you visit to download faster.

With Netzero HiSpeed you get all the same features that come with the Platinum Plan, but at a higher speed. This plan runs at less than $15 a month.

You can easily see that Netzero's competition cannot even come close to matching these prices.

AOL - $22.90
EarthLink - $21.95
MSN - $21.95
AT&T - $16.95

The other ISPs may offer some fancy extra features, but the cost of their monthly subscription to the Internet is much higher than Netzero. For those who don't care about all the extras, but just want a reliable Internet service, Netzero is one of the most affordable alternatives available.

Changing to Netzero is as simple as visiting their site and downloading their easy to use software. Netzero has thousands of access numbers, and they can even help you switch from your current ISP. With the straightforward interface, you can get started within minutes and be saving money.

If you should encounter some problems, Netzero offers online customer service and 24 hour technical support. This is free to members, but there is a small charge for phone support.

Netzero is great for people who have broadband but also want dial-up Internet access for those occasions when their service goes down. It is also a good alternative to paying for the high cost of DSL if you don't use the Internet frequently.

Do some shopping around and see for yourself what an incredible value Netzero is over the other Internet Service Providers. The others may have a lot of fancy features to justify their high costs, but you have to remember that it is the consumer who ends up paying for those features, even if they don't want them.

Try Netzero Platinum or HiSpeed, and put your money to better use.

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