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NetZero And Internet Related Articles

Cut Costs: Get Free Internet From Netzero

Are you tired of the rising cost of Internet? If so you may be interested in the free Internet service offered by Netzero. In today's world of rising prices, the more you can cut cost, the better.

Netzero was one of the first companies to offer free Internet service to their users, and even after most companies have stopped giving away Internet, Netzero is still offering this great service.

Having free access to Internet can be useful for many different reasons. Perhaps you don't feel that you are on the Internet enough to justify paying hundreds of dollars a year for it, or maybe you already have DSL but would like a way to connect to a free dial-up service when you are away from home.

There are some drawbacks to Netzero's Free Internet Service. With a free Internet account, you are only allowed 10 hours of Internet use a month; after that you will begin being charged for the time you are on. Another condition to having Free Internet Service through Netzero is that you must agree to let them display a banner advertisement on your computer screen. The time cap on Internet use and the advertising banner may be a slight inconvenience, but how can you beat free? What is it worth to you to have absolutely Free Internet Service?

Though there is some limit in use, and the advertisement banner to contend with, there is no filtering of the Internet; you can basically use it for whatever purpose that you would like. In addition, Netzero has thousands of access number so that you can connect to their service from just about anywhere in the United States.

If for some reason you find that 10 hours a month just isn't enough internet time, you can always choose to sign up for one of the other discount Internet programs offered by Netzero.

With the Netzero Platinum Plan, you get unlimited Internet access, without the advertising banner. You will still have a small toolbar on your screen when you are connected to Netzero, but this bar has some great features such as instant access to news, sports and weather, plus much more. Not only that, but you get a personal email account. The cost of the Netzero Platinum Plan is only $9.95 a month, less that the price of lunch.

If you are looking for Internet that allows you to surf at a higher speed, but at a discount price, there is the Netzero HiSpeed Plan, also known as Netzero 3G. With Netzero HiSpeed, you can surf the Internet at nearly five times the speed than you can with a traditional dial-up Internet Service. This is possible because of a technology that compresses certain files before they are sent to your computer; enabling faster webpage downloads. This high-speed dial-up is available from Netzero for less than a $15 monthly rate.

There is no doubt that you can cut costs with Netzero, no matter if you choose their free Internet Service, or one of their discount plans, it will be extra money in your pocket.

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