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NetZero And Internet Related Articles

Get Connected With Netzero: A Quality ISP

If you are looking for an Internet Service Provider (ISP), NetZero offers one of the best Internet Services available today. NetZero's popularity has grown tremendously over the past few years, attesting to their superior service and reliability.

As an Internet Service Provider, NetZero specializes in dial-up, as well as high-speed dial-up. One of the main elements that helped to spur NetZero's growth is that their service requires some fairly low minimum requirements, unlike the software in use by many of the other providers on the market.

This is especially useful for users who have chosen not to update their computers with the latest operating systems or hardware. NetZero Internet will run on operating systems as old as Windows 98, as well as the newest versions of Windows. There is even a version that is compatible with Apple Macs, but you must have either an OS 9 or OS X system.

For maximum performance NetZero recommends that you have at least a Pentium III or higher, and 128 MB of RAM, but the service still works well with older computers that have a minimum of a 95MHz Pentium processor, 64 MB of RAM, and a 28.8 K modem.

Another contributing element of NetZero's success is the fact that they are usually more affordable than their competitors, often offering their Internet Service at nearly half the price of other providers. Their phenomenal grown has now enabled them to offer Internet Service to over 6000 cities across Canada and the United States. NetZero has truly moved way beyond a regional provider.

When using NetZero you can surf the internet much faster than with regular dial up, and with NetZero's newest technologies, users can surf at a rate of five times faster than if you are connected with one of the other internet service providers. With NetZero's accelerated dial-up service, many files are compressed allowing the user to surf faster and easier than they would with traditional dial-up.

Another great advantage to using an, accelerated dial-up connection, is that you won't need any special equipment to get started. All that is required to use a high-speed dial-up is a computer that is equipped with a modem. The software needed to run NetZero can be downloaded directly from their site and installed in minutes. This allows the user to get connected to a high-speed dial-up within minutes. without having to deal with the connection issues often associated with broadband.

It may be true that accelerated dial-up cannot beat the potential speeds of broadband, but for those who either choose not to use broadband, or cannot afford the higher cost of broadband, NetZero's accelerated dial up service is perfect.

Before making a decision about which ISP you go through, compare NetZero's plans with those of their competitors. If quality, low cost Internet access is one of your priorities when choosing an Internet Service Provider, you'll definitely want to check into the plans offered by NetZero.

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