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NetZero And Internet Related Articles

Why Is Netzero HiSpeed Faster?

Basically what makes Netzero HiSpeed dial-up so much faster than a traditional dial-up ISP, is that the web accelerator technology compresses certain files before they are sent to your computer from the server.

With Netzero HiSpeed your computer communicates with an accelerated server. When an accelerated server is put between your dial-up connection and the Web, it can speed up the process significantly.

When you input a search while connected to an accelerated server like that with Netzero HiSpeed, your request is sent from the dial-up modem in your computer to the ISP's accelerated server.

The accelerated server that your computer is connected to uses a broadband connection to rapidly search the Internet for the server that hosts the page you're searching for. As soon as the server finds what you were looking for, the two machines begin talking and exchanging information. At this point the Netzero HiSpeed server sends the information in compressed format to your computer.

Netzero's HiSpeed accelerated servers; speed up your Internet service by doing three things. The technology compresses files, filters unwanted files, and caches files so that you can surf the Internet as fast as your phone line's bandwidth will allow.

At this point, the accelerated internet technology is still evolving so it doesn't work on all files, and the user can expect some loss of quality with graphics, but with Netzero HiSpeed, users are able to decide how much quality they are willing to give up to increase their speed. If speed is the most important element, you can set it to full compression, if you would prefer a better quality, you can put your setting at less compression.

File compression will not work with streaming audio or video files, a secured webpage, or file downloads. This is where you will notice the lack of speed. If you are not one to download a lot of files, then this probably won't be a problem for you; even if you do some downloading from the Internet, it may be worth the tradeoff to save a lot of money.

Another way in which using Netzero's HiSpeed service accelerates your web surfing is by filtering out useless data. The way this works, is when you type in a URL address into your browser, you request a specific page, and if that page uses advertising gimmicks, such as popup advertising, this will take a lot of your valuable bandwidth. Netzero HiSpeed technology filters all this out to help speed up your site downloads.

In addition to compression and filtering, the server also caches the WebPages that you frequently visit. This way the server does not have to download all the data every time you visit that page; instead it is being stored on the server so that you have quick access.

By combining these three technologies, Netzero HiSpeed will allow you to surf the Internet at five times the speed you can achieve with a traditional dial up connection. For the price, Netzero is hard to beat and still have a fast Internet connection.

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