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Netzero Platinum Review

The Netzero Platinum Service is one step below their high speed 3G Internet Service. With the Platinum Internet Service you don't get the accelerated web technology that is used with the 3G Service so your surfing speed will be much like that of traditional dial-up service.

Although Netzero Platinum does not provide a faster connection than the traditional dial-up, you will have a reliable Internet connection from a reputable Internet Service Provider (ISP). So if your needs can easily be met with a traditional dial-up connection, you will find that the best, and most affordable option is Netzero's Platinum Plan.

Setup of Netzero Platinum is easy. You simply go to Netzero's website and download the setup program after entering your personal and financial information. Once you've downloaded the setup file, the program will help guide you through each part of setting up the Netzero Platinum Internet Service.

Some of the standard features included with the Platinum Plan include a great spam and email protection on your 1GB email account. Just like with the HiSpeed 3G Plan, you have access to a web based email, or you can choose to use Outlook Express.

Netzero Internet Service can be used on newer computers as well as those computers that have not yet been upgraded. Their Internet Service works for most all Windows Operating Systems from 98 to the newest version available. There are even some options for Apple Mac users.

The Netzero Platinum Service has numerous access numbers in nearly all regions of the United States and a great many in Canada as well.

Some of the extra features that come with Netzero Platinum include an interesting gadget called, Mr. Ticker. This gadget sends headlines as well as stock quotes right across your screen. With a simple click you can go right to the news story featured on Mr. Ticker.

For a dial up ISP, Netzero offers a very reliable connection, as well as an easy time logging on, as they have thousands of access numbers, nationwide.

Before signing up for either Netzero HiSpeed 3M or Netzero Platinum, you should be aware that neither service will match DSL for speed, but if you are a casual Internet user, who does not have to have a super fast connection, the Netzero Platinum Plan is a very affordable and reliable option. The usual cost of Netzero Platinum, is around $10 a month, but they often offer specials that include prices as low as $6.95 a month or 33 percent off regular price.

There is free online support, but live phone technical support does not come with your plan, and there is a small fee. Fortunately, Netzero is so easy to install and operate you so you will likely never have a need to call a Netzero representative for help.

The Netzero Platinum Service is basically one of the best deals out there from any Internet Service Provider. It's a reliable Internet Service that you can get at a fraction of the cost of most Internet Providers.

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