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NetZero And Internet Related Articles

Take Net Zero With You On Your Next Vacation

With so many people in the world connecting to the Internet through broadband, a dial-up Internet Service Provider like Net Zero may seem obsolete. Yes, broadband has grown in popularity, but most laptop computers still come equipped with a modem and there is a reason for that.

Today, many people find it necessary to take their work with them while on vacation, at least to a point. Maybe you just want to send email or vacation pictures to your friends and family back home.

What happens if you need Internet access and cannot find a hotspot? Believe it or not, you may run into this problem more often than you might think. This is where having Net Zero, as well as a way to connect to a phone jack can be a lifesaver.

Plan ahead before you take that trip. Call your hotel and ask if they have a way to access the Internet. If they have free wireless that's great, if not you will need to connect through a phone line. In this case you will have to find out if they use an analog telephone line; this is what you will need to connect with. If the hotel uses digital PBX, it may damage your modem when you attempt to connect with it.

If the hotel you have chosen does still use analog, you'll have it made. Now it's time to go to the Net Zero homepage and sign up for one of their great dial-up Internet access plans. Net Zero is one of the few ISPs to offer free and discount Internet.

Net Zero's free Internet allows users to use up to 10 of Internet free each month, free of charge. The only catch to this great offer is that you will be required to display an advertisement banner either on the top or bottom of your screen. Even with the banner, it's still a great deal for free.

Before you leave for your tip, you will want to go to Net Zero's site and locate the access numbers for the city or regions you will be traveling to. This shouldn't be a problem because Net Zero literally has thousands of access number nationwide.

If you really want to be ready, you can do a simple download and install their software, so all you will have to do when you get to your destination, is plug in a phone line to your computer's modem and connect it to the phone jack in your room. That's all there is to it; you'll be ready to go.

Signing up with Net Zero is a simple process, and takes only a moment. They feature software that is easy to use and compatible with most computer operating systems. Net Zero even has software that you can use to connect with if you are an Apple Mac user.

So even if you use cable or DSL at home, it's a great idea to sign up for one of the Net Zero plans.

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