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NetZero And Internet Related Articles

Don't Forget To Take Netzero On The Road With You

What better way to keep in touch with your friends and family, as well as business interests, than by taking a low cost Internet access with you wherever you go. Netzero offers either free Internet access, or two low cost plans that can help you connect to the Internet when you are on the go.

If you travel a great deal for business, or like to take frequent road trips, a low cost Internet Provider like Netzero is perfect for staying in contact when you need to. For a very basic dial-up connection, the Netzero Platinum Plan is great. This no frills plan offers you reliable Internet access at a very small cost. It is just a basic dial-up service that includes an email account. Though it's nothing fancy, it works great for those who just need a connection to access their email, or send and receive documents for business.

If you are looking for something a little faster than basic dial-up, the Netzero 3G Plan with web accelerant is a good option. With the 3G Plan you can reach speeds that are much faster than traditional dial-up, at a fraction of the cost of broadband

Another great advantage to using one of the Netzero Internet access plans is unlike so many other low cost providers, Netzero local access numbers in most regions of the United States and Canada. With so many access numbers available, you will have no problem connecting to the Internet from most regions, without accumulating long distance charges.

If you travel frequently, you may be aware that there are a lot of hotels and motels that offer their guests internet access, but many of them charge extra for this service. When you bring Netzero with you on the road, you can use your room phone service to access the Internet, and if there is a local access number in that area you will only incur extra charges if your hotel charges for local calls. Many hotels and motels do not charge for local calls, which make it easy and affordable to access your own Internet Service Provider.

What could be more convenient that the ability to bring your own low cost, dialup Internet connection with you? You'll be saving a great deal of money while you keep up on business, and easily communicate with your family back home.

When you take Netzero on the road, while taking your family vacation, the folks back home won't have to wait until you return to see all those wonderful pictures you are taking. You will easily be able to send pictures, each day if you want, plus let them all know how much fun you and your family are having. You get all this, with no extra cost, other than what you are already paying for your Internet.

Before you take your next trip, think about signing up for Netzero's low cost Internet. It's easy to start. You simply go to the Netzero Website and download their software. A quick signup and you are enjoying a great low cost Internet connection.

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