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NetZero HiSpeed 3G First Month Free
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NetZero HiSpeed 3G 30% Off
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NetZero Platinum

NetZero Platinum

Tired Of Paying Too Much For You Internet Service?

NetZero provides high quality Internet service for only $9.95* per month - that's less than half the price of AOL**.

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*No Annual Commitment.
*No Credit Card Required

*12 Month Commitment Required
*Credit Card Required

NetZero HiSpeed Offers
  • Direct access to anywhere on the Internet
  • Fast, reliable connections and thousands of access numbers
  • Instant messaging compatibility with popular programs such as AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, and Yahoo! Messenger
  • Personalized e-mail address
  • Junk e-mail filtering

NetZero HiSpeed Offers
  • Webmail – check your NetZero e-mail from any computer, anywhere
  • Bannerless surfing
  • Fast page loads
  • Personal start page with news, channels, shopping and more

ALL FOR ONLY $6.95 - $9.95*PER MONTH!

Join the millions who have discovered the benefits of NetZero Platinum. Signing up is easy - you can download NetZero Platinum software in less than two minutes and start using the Internet immediately - no waiting!

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*No Annual Commitment.
*No Credit Card Required

*12 Month Commitment Required
*Credit Card Required

* Additional phone and live tech support charges may apply.
** Price comparison based upon competitors? standard monthly rate as of 11/1/02.

NetZero Platinum: The Low Cost Alternative

Netzero Platinum is one of the best deals you will find on Internet Service. For less than $10 a month you can have unlimited Internet access, which is a big savings over many other Internet Service Providers' plans. If you are tired of the high cost of accessing the Internet, you may want to consider some of the advantages of Netzero Platinum.

With Netzero Platinum you will have a simple to use, and dependable Internet connection that features thousands of access numbers across many regions of the United States. Not only this, but Netzero gives you access to a web based email full of great features. If you use instant messaging services, you'll be glad to know that Netzero is compatible with many of the most popular instant messaging software, such as ICQ and Yahoo.

For those who want a reliable Internet Service Provider, but don't much care about all the frills and extra features, this low cost provider is perfect. You'll have 1GB of email storage with web based access, along with unlimited web surfing, and the only advertising that is required for the low cost, is placed on a small task bar that works with your browser.

The Netzero Software is so easy to work with that even those who have never used the Internet before will find it simple to use. People with all levels of Internet experience use Netzero because the interface is easy enough for the beginner, but still high enough quality for those who know their way around the web. If you do happen to have any problems, Netzero offers free online customer service and technical support.

Even Mac users can take advantage of the great savings with Netzero's Platinum Internet. Netzero features software just for Mac users.

All you have to do to signup for Netzero Platinum, is visit their website and download the software for Mac users.

Switching to Netzero Platinum is easy and convenient. To get started, visit Netzero's site and after inputting some basic personal and payment information, you'll be ready to download the software. That's all there is to it.

With the Netzero TrueSwitch program you won't even have to bother calling to cancel your current Internet Service Provider because it will all be taken care of for you. So if you are looking for an easy and convenient switch, Netzero is definitely the way to go.

Netzero Platinum offers a basic Internet connection at traditional dial-up speed, but if that's all you require, why pay the outrageous price for broadband, or the higher prices of other Internet Service Providers who offer a bunch of hyped up features to justify their higher prices?

If all you really need is a reliable Internet Service and email, Netzero Platinum is the way to go. You won't have all the frills that you would get with other Internet Service Providers, but you will have great Internet access for a fraction of the cost.2 Minute Download

NetZero Platimun Is A Great Value

Netzero made their mark on the ISP Industry by providing free and low cost Internet Service to their users. For those who have never tried Netzero, you may want to consider signing up for the Netzero Platinum Internet Service Plan.

To try the Netzero Platinum plan and see for yourself just how much of a value Netzero is over other Internet Service Providers, all you have to do is visit their website and download the software, and you'll be on your way to saving a lot of money.

Though Netzero's Free Internet Service does include an advertising banner on your desktop in exchange for the free Internet service provided, the Netzero Platinum Plan does not contain a large banner. You get a great Internet experience, with unlimited access for less than $10 a month.

This is less than half the cost of most popular Internet Service Providers, and only a fraction of the cost of broadband.

With Netzero Platinum you get high quality, reliable Internet service with unlimited Internet access, fast loading pages, and free email. Netzero is also compatible with all the popular instant messaging programs such as ICQ and Yahoo.

You never have to worry about finding an access number, no matter if you are at home or away. With Netzero Platinum there are thousands of access numbers nationwide so you can be sure to find a reliable and fast connection when you need it.

If you want great value in your Internet Service Provider, the Netzero Platinum Plan just may be what you are looking for. You won't get a whole lot of extra features with the Platinum Service, but you do get value for your money. A straightforward Internet connection and an email account that also provides you with web based email access. Though your connection speed with Netzero Platinum will be close to the same as it is with a traditional dial-up connection, this should not be a problem for those who are not intense internet users, or even if you simply don't want to pay for the expensive cost broadband.

Not only do you get unlimited, reliable Internet Service with Netzero Platinum, but if you should have problems, Netzero offers free online customer service and technical support. If you do need live phone help, there is a small charge, but most people should never need this additional help as the software and interface is easy to use. To start using Netzero Platinum all you have to do is go to their website and signup. It's simple to download and install their software, which is all there is left to do after signup. You won't even have to call and cancel you current provider because Netzero can take care of all that for you.

If you want more value for your money, get Netzero Platinum. 2 Minute Download

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